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Researchers Find A Strange Synchronization Among Distanced Galaxies

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There are millions of galaxies found to be present in space and they are found to be a few light-years apart. The distanced galaxies are found to be connected by a network of massive intergalactic structures that are invisible but tend to force them to synchronize in a particular pattern. This new discovery is believed…

Jupiter’s Spacecraft Juno Discovers A New Cyclone On The Gas Giant


Astronomers have recently spotted a novel cyclone on Jupiter and it is found to be extremely massive. The storm was spotted by Juno, the Jupiter spacecraft, while on its recent data-gathering flyby. At the beginning of November itself, the solar-powered probe spotted the cyclone and the data showed the gas giant to be towering 2,175…

Funding Issues for NASA’s WFIRST Space Telescope Witness Program

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  NASA officials warned this week that even if an astrophysics project managed to avoid termination last year, it may still face budgetary difficulties if it avoids a second risk of termination this year. NASA’s fiscal year 2020 budget plan does not contain financing for the Wide Field Infrared Survey Telescope (WFIRST), which will be…