BS Yediyurappa To Give Up One Meal As Mark Of Respect To COVID-19 Fighters

BS Yediyurappa To Give Up One Meal As Mark Of Respect To COVID-19 Fighters

B S Yediyurappa said he was giving up one meal and urged party workers to do the same. (FILE)


Karnataka Chief Minister B S Yediyrappa on Monday said he will give up one meal in response to the call given by BJP national president J P Nadda to party workers to show solidarity with people facing hardships during the lockdown to mark the organisation’s foundation day.

The 78-year old Chief Minister said it is a mark of respect and support to those fighting against the deadly on the frontline.

“We are celebrating BJP’s 40th foundation day today in a simple way, on this occasion BJP national President J P Nadda has called on our party workers to give up one meal today to show solidarity with doctors, nurses, police, government employees, Asha workers who are working day and night in fight against coronavirus,” Mr Yediyurappa said.

In a video message, he said, “I’m also giving up one meal, I call upon the party workers and appeal them to do the same.”

Mr Nadda has issued a set of directives to party workers, and Prime Minister Narendra Modi tweeted it, urging them to follow these guidelines.

It includes- providing food packets to the needy, distributing home-made face covers and obtaining signatures from people to express gratitude to emergency staff, from health professionals to sanitation workers and police, besides bank and postal employees among others, working during the lockdown to combat the coronavirus pandemic.

COVID-19 पर चर्चा करने के लिए पूर्व-पीएम मोदी सोनिया गांधी, पूर्व-अध्यक्ष: स्रोत

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